Feature Request: Non-Jumping Insert in To Field

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Feature Request: Non-Jumping Insert in To Field

Postby Dale H. Cook » Sat Sep 15, 2007 7:36 am

One quirk in Eudora that is rather minor but rather annoying is that of the jumping insert point in the To field. When working in the To field in a new or forwarded message, if one Alt-Tabs away from Eudora, and while away the program checks mail, when one Alt-Tabs back the insert point has jumped to the start of the To field.

I am very concious of this because I handle 200-300 emails each day from a few dozen sources. Of those two to three dozen are spam, each of which is forwarded to Spamcop and to one or more other addresses for processing. While composing the To field I often Alt-Tab away to check Whois data, and sometimes when I Alt-Tab back I forget the jumping insert point, start typing right away, and munge an address.

I am greatly looking forward to Odysseus. I have owned Eudora for a decade, and rely heavily on its filters (currently 71 of them) to direct mail to one of 38 specialized mailboxes. The ability to port my Eudora installation to Odysseus and to continue receiving support and upgrades will be well worth whatever the new program will cost.

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