In addition to our commercial software, we also license some of our code to other developers for use in their projects.

The following sockets are for use in Real Studio/REALBasic. Although Real Studio offers POP3 and SMTP sockets, there is no built-in IMAP support. In addition, our POP3 and SMTP sockets go far beyond the basic abilities of the built-in sockets. Benefits include a wider range of authorization schemes, CRAM-MD5 support (current version requires Einhugur Plugins), STARTTLS support, as well as an improved buffer. Unlike the built-in POP3 socket, because of our improved buffer, performance is maintained even while downloading large files.

Because our primary commercial application is email software, developers who license these sockets can be assured of continued development and improvements.

Single Socket – POP3, IMAP or SMTP
$50 – Closed Version of Single Socket
$75 – Open Version of Single Socket
(please specify which socket when ordering)

All Sockets
$125 – Closed Version of All Sockets
$175 – Open Version of All Sockets



Socket Options
Specify Individual Socket:



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