MailForge awarded 3/4 stars by Charles Moore @
Review published at | Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved

MailForge awarded 4/5 stars by The Mac Observer
Review published at The Mac Observer | Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved

Designed from the ground up to run on the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows, MailForge is crafted to offer users a wide range of powerful features that make managing email easier and more efficient.


 MailForge 3 Features
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • Multi-window or tabbed interface
  • Powerful, fast searching
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • View plain or HTML emails
  • Send text or formatted emails
  • Advanced attachment saving
  • Edit all parts of an incoming email
  • Easily redirect emails
  • Signatures
  • Stationery
  • Manual filtering
  • Scheduled email sending
  • Ability to sort by email address
  • Import from Eudora®
  • And much more…
 **MailForge 3 is a paid upgrade**




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